Thursday, October 30, 2008

Field Trip

Top Ten List from Pumpkin Patch Field Trip !

10. Story time with Mrs. Pumpkin (she was very into her job)

9. Having my arm tugged on and hearing the words "Madi's mom, so and so broke in line" about a hundred times! :)

8. Milking the fake cow. A kid FAVORITE! Check out the look on Madi's face! If I were a cow I would be afraid!!

7. Lunch with the yellow jackets. The were hungry little devils and didn't mind flying right in your face to let you know. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of 19 kids being swarmed at by these fiesty little critters while trying to eat. Side note: over half of the class is female and you know how little girls like to sqeal. It was a pleasant lunch!!

6. Hayride around the farm. I'm a sucker for a hayride. Put one at an event and I'll be there!

5. The blackberry maze! The kids really liked this. You had to wind around through a maze of blackberry bushes and answer questions to find out which way to go. Highlight of the day: When the teacher/parent volunteers got the answer wrong and got us all lost!

4. Picking out the pumpkins and taking a group picture. Unfortunately the kids don't really get to go into the pumpkin patch for their pumpkins. I understand though. Can you imagine a herd of children let loose on your precious pumpkin vines? They would be trampled, yanked and altogether beaten to death! What??? Not these little angels you say... Oh yes! These little angels indeed!

3. The SWORM! A fun slide that everyone should try at least once! And yes, I took a turn or two!

2. Funny Faces


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