Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheap Halloween Crafts with the Kids

Ok, so yesterday I showed you a table full of cereal boxes.  Today, I show you homemade and basically FREE Halloween decorations.  Keep in mind that our decorations are a work in progress and there's more to come. (Did I emphasize that enough?)  I mean who in the world puts out one witch's hat and one haunted house and calls that decorating for Halloween???? Certainly not me - daughter of Wanda Faircloth - queen of decorating for holidays!!!! (One day I'll post an assortment of pictures of Mom's decorating to prove my point).  

Now, on to the decorations!  

See how this

 turned into this...

and this!

How it went down.

1st - Remove clothes from Rylee as she likes to paint decorations as well as herself!

2nd - Disassemble cereal boxes so that you can paint the inside surface 
(the outside of them is a little too slick).
3rd - Draw patterns and paint
4th - Cut out and assemble 
* Note: for the witch's hat brim we gathered some ribbon using thread and then formed it into a circle that we then hot glued onto the hat. 

Goulish looking child in the back also made by me!  :)

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Kristen said...

Oh wow - these are awesome!