Friday, September 24, 2010

The Harvest Moon

One of Madi's homework assignments yesterday was to go out and look at the harvest moon .  I love fun homework assignments.  Moon watching is so much more fun than math  - right?  

After bath time , when the sky got dark, we went out onto our back porch to see the moon.  The only problem... our house is kind of  nestled down in a valley and the moon was barely visible behind the trees.  

Not to be defeated, we jumped in the car - PJ's and all  - and went exploring until we found the perfect spot to view the bright, beautiful moon.  Enjoy the pictures below.  I wish my camera had a better zoom on it because the moon looks so small in this picture but it was actually very big and bright in the night sky.

Then it was back home for story time, prayers and kisses and hugs goodnight!

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