Friday, August 21, 2009

Gone Short....

Yesterday was a big day for us Moser's well, mainly for me... I was the only one who was emotional about it. About a year ago Madi came to me and asked me if she could get her hair cut, not just trimmed, CUT!!!! To myself, I thought, absolutely not but I mulled over it for a while and I decided that I would make her wait for several months (which turned into almost a year) so that she could be sure she really wanted to do this.

When I was younger I too wanted to get my hair cut but my mom didn't want me to. I could not understand why she cared. "It's my hair", I thought what does it matter? I think I even attempted a "little trim" on my own - actually I know I did... I vividly remember standing over the toilet in mom and dad's bathroom so the evidence would fall into the toilet and I could flush it away! (NOTE TO MOM: If you're reading this, I think you called me out on that one and I lied about it so I apologize). Anyway, mom did eventually let me cut it and I was happy but now I completely understand why she had a hard time agreeing to it!

When I told Madi I would let her cut her hair, we started talking about how short she wanted it. Since I was struggling with it, I thought we should go in stages - Madi wanted to go ahead and whack it off up to her ears. Suddenly a thought came into my head, "Madi's hair is long enough to donate to an organization like Locks of Love". So I talked to her about it and she was all for it.

About a month ago I was reading a blog called Conversations With a Cupcake and I came across this story,, about a little girl with Leukemia. My heart broke for her family and I wished I could do something to help. As I said my prayers that night, I thanked God for my healthy children and I prayed for Abby and her family. I also prayed, as I do often, that God would help me to raise my girls to care about and desire to help others who are in need.

I showed Madi Abby's story and let her see pictures of her. After seeing Abby, Madi was so excited to donate her hair. She even wrote Abby a letter and held it in her hands as the hair stylist made the cut. Check out the pictures below. I'm so proud of Madi and I can't wait to send Abby the care package Madi and I have made to let her know Madi's hair was donated in honor of her.

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