Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rylee's First Birthday

It can’t possibly be….as a mater of fact, it snuck up on me so fast I almost left myself with no time to plan…I’ve tried not to think about it, it breaks my heart a little but it’s definitely something to celebrate – my baby turned 1. My sweet little Rylee who I swear was just born yesterday is already one whole year old! I asked myself “How shall we celebrate this milestone”? Do I throw a big bash and invite all the little kids in her class? Do I keep it small, just mom, dad and sis? Would she even know what’s going on? I decided that no, she wouldn’t have any idea what the big deal about this day was right now, but when she’s older and looking back at pictures she will and I wanted her to know just how excited we were to have had her as part of our lives for the last year and so Rylee’s 1st Birthday Luau was planned!

It was fun and all the family came. We had BBQ and cake and lived it up Hawaiian style!

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