Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aren't They Sweet

We have two new additions to the Moser household and will soon own stock in the company that makes Clorox Anywhere spray! Actually they have done pretty good with house training but with any puppy there are bound to be accidents!

Meet Brown Dog and Black Dog (we haven't come up with names yet... any suggestions?????)

Madi says their breath smells like turkey... kind of ruins me on turkey!! :) We are having the most fun with them. Rylee doesn't quite know what to make of them. Here is a video of her I took yesterday. It makes me laugh!


Eva Gallant said...

the puppies and your daughter are adorable. Names; chocolate and licorice?

Sharon said...

Yeah for new PUPPIES! They are beautiful.

I think your daughter might have already found a name... Turkey! Although I always wanted to name my cats Bartles and James.

Monica said...

Eva and Sharon... Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the name suggestions. Bartles and James is funny Sharon.

Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.